Are you tired of feeling stuck?

You might have subconscious limiting beliefs that are preventing you from creating success in your life.

In this workshop, I'll be your guide, helping you identify those sneaky thoughts and beliefs that have been hindering your progress. Together, we'll dive deep into four powerful exercises designed to clear away those limitations and make room for new possibilities.

This course is for:

Goal-Driven Individuals: Those who have ambitious goals but struggle to achieve them due to self-doubt or fear.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: People who dream of starting their own business but are held back by beliefs like "I'm not good enough" or "I'll never succeed."

Career Professionals: Individuals who feel stagnant in their careers and want to overcome obstacles preventing them from advancing.

Personal Development Enthusiasts: Anyone committed to personal growth and eager to transform their mindset for success.

Creatives and Artists: Those who struggle with self-criticism and fear of failure, hindering their creative expression.

Individuals Facing Life Transitions: People experiencing significant life changes such as divorce, relocation, or career shifts, who need support in navigating uncertainty and embracing new opportunities.

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Hello lovely souls!

My name is Denise and my journey into the world of intuition and spiritual gifts has been an adventure.  

I did not always know that I could talk to animals. In fact, I never felt very special in any way. Initially, I followed the path I was supposed to take which never led to happiness. Following a divorce and several job changes, a pivotal encounter introduced me to the world of intuition.

An introduction to Reiki marked the beginning of a different path. As I delved into spiritual literature, I encountered synchronicities that connected me with individuals like past life readers, psychics, somatic experts, and intuition coaches. 

A turning point came when..... I enrolled in a clairvoyant training class, where my teacher helped me recognize my innate inner knowing. Through this class, I learned how to do energy healing and aura clearings for people.

Once I started listening to my intuition, I was called to relocate to Portland, Oregon where I serendipitously met an animal communicator. This encounter led me to my true calling.

Having spent years in corporate roles that I hated, confined to cubicles and enduring lengthy commutes, I consider myself fortunate to have discovered a true purpose. Connecting with animals on a profound level and facilitating communication between them and their human companions has proven to be an immensely rewarding experience. Now I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences.