What You Will Learn

  1. Connecting with Animals: Learn step-by-step techniques for connecting with animals energetically and receiving messages from them. Discover the profound insights and wisdom that animals have to share.
  2. Preparation and Mindfulness: Prepare your mind and spirit for a fruitful communication session. We'll guide you through grounding and mindfulness practices to enhance your receptivity and intuitive senses.
  3. Conversing with Animals: Uncover the secrets to holding a heartfelt conversation with animals. Gain confidence in understanding their thoughts, emotions, and needs.
  4. Real-Life Practice: This class is not just about theory; you'll have the unique opportunity to practice animal communication with real pets. Experience the joy of connecting with furry friends from different walks of life.

Is This Class For You?

  • Pet Owners: If you've ever wondered what your pets are thinking or feeling, this class is perfect for you. Develop a closer bond with your beloved companions by understanding their perspectives.
  • Animal Care Professionals: If you work with animals or volunteer with animal shelters, learning the art of animal communication can significantly enhance your ability to provide compassionate care and support.
  • Nature Enthusiasts: Connect with animals in the wild and experience a profound sense of unity with nature through the power of animal communication.
  • Psychic and Intuitive Seekers: If you wish to expand your psychic gifts and delve into the realm of intuitive connections, this class will open new doors of exploration.

Why Choose Animal Communication for Beginners?

  • Experienced Guidance: Our instructors are skilled animal communicators who bring years of expertise and wisdom to guide you on this journey.
  • Interactive Learning: We believe in experiential learning, and that's why you'll get ample opportunities to practice animal communication in a supportive environment.
  • Life-Enriching Skills: Learning to communicate with animals is a life-enriching skill that fosters empathy, compassion, and a deeper connection with the natural world.

Awaken your skills today!

Are you ready to to start getting messages from animals? Join Animal Communication for Beginners and embark on a transformative adventure of self-discovery and connection. Open your heart to the wisdom of animals and experience the magic that lies within you.

What other students are saying.

"I would highly recommend her In-depth Animal Communication class if you are interested in learning more about communicating with animals such as your pets. Her insight, knowledge, and understanding in this field is first rate and she is an animal communicator par excellence."~Janet

"Denise is a great person and teacher, feel much more confident and capable after taking her course. Highly recommend!" ~Shawn

Class Curriculum

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  Preparation for Animal Communication
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  The Steps for "How" to Do an Animal Communication Reading
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  Tips for an Animal Communication Session
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  Animal Mediumship
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  Wild Animals
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Embrace Your Gifts Today!

Are you ready? Join Animal Communication for Beginners and embark on a transformative adventure of self-discovery and connection. Open your heart to the wisdom of animals and experience the magic that lies within you.

Hello, lovely souls! I am thrilled to introduce myself to you.

My name is Denise and my journey into the world of intuition and spiritual gifts has been an adventure.  

I did not always know that I had these abilities or that I could talk to animals. In fact, I never felt very special in any way. Initially, I followed the path I was supposed to take—earning good grades, attending a reputable college, pursuing an accounting career, and getting married. However, none of these endeavors brought true happiness. Following a divorce and several job changes, a pivotal encounter introduced me to the world of intuition.

Although the concept of being intuitive initially eluded me, my introduction to Reiki marked the beginning of a different path. As I delved into spiritual literature and attended meetups, I encountered synchronicities that connected me with unique individuals like past life readers, psychics, somatic experts, and intuition coaches. 

A turning point came when..... I enrolled in a clairvoyant training class, where a teacher helped me recognize my innate inner knowing. Through this class, I learned how to do energy healing and aura clearings for people.

Once I started listening to my intuition, I was called to relocate to Portland, OR where I serendipitously met an animal communicator. This encounter led me to my true calling.

Having spent years in corporate roles that I hated, confined to cubicles and enduring lengthy commutes, I consider myself fortunate to have discovered a true purpose. Connecting with animals on a profound level and facilitating communication between them and their human companions has proven to be an immensely rewarding experience. Transitioning from the corporate world to establishing my own business has been a significant learning curve, but I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences.